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LLLT - Low Level Light Therapy



Our leading-edge technology, SpectraVison 2.0 is a body scan that takes a deep dive into your body via the non-invasive handheld interface device.  This scan looks at each substance we run from the many categories chosen specifically for you.   The results of the scan will help us discover toxic emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual vibrational energies trapped on many levels of our bioenergetic system.   When we enhance and balance the consciousness of the mind-body-spirit which cannot be separated, then our systems become more coherent, and wellness restores in the body.

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What Caused My Illness And Could It Be Emotional?

The skin is bio-individual; it reflects your every emotion and is indicative of your state of health, nutrition and lifestyle. It reflects what food you eat, how much sleep you are getting, if you are dehydrated, and your alcohol consumption. As you know, through the skin you face the world and the world sees you.

Looking to correct your health status and become the healer that you are?

Your body is designed to return to a state of wellness and to thrive with vibrancy. The natural world is full of life giving essentials meant to support it.  When you live in alignment with natural cycles and are nourished with quality nutrients it becomes possible to open the stagnation or blocked flow in the body returning it to amazing health!

New Human Insight Scan

Allows us to run a body scan and access your specific stress patterns which help us  to give you insight in what the body is ready to work on and how you can best support it.  Non-invasive scan that accesses the conscious mind and the subconscious through a biolink in the software.  Through your meridian points you can see how stress affects your organs and systems and their ability to metabolize, distribute and excrete.  The data gathered is from the response of your body giving us a workset with your signatures & remedies to be imprinted into a take home botanical.  Final step, induction laser application, another layer of information riding the wave of light beam right into the body directly though specific meridians.

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Future plans for YOU!

Ready for some easy and advanced programs that you can access with convenience? If a program is what will get you started on the path of wellness then we are ready to teach via videos including pdf’s and tools to build your knowledge on how these body’s are designed to return to a state of ease. Not only do we have an amazing planet that we live on but incredible bodies we live in!

Please feel free to email me at diane@rootstonutrition.com if you have a question, desire or request.