Most people typically have at least one of these common classifications of skin issues: eczema, psoriasis, acne, warts, itching skin, or peeling skin. This is a symptom of a deeper root issue and we are usually told to cover it with a drug or sometimes no help at all and left very frustrated. Having such issues of vitiligo myself for over 40 years has kept me on a journey to find at least some thread of truth that is at the root cause of my skin issue. No one ever had a solution or an understanding that gave me that “ah ha” moment “yeah I think you might be on to something”. Here in the western hemisphere the idea of “you’re stuck with what you got” and “keep treating the symptoms or covering it up” just doesn’t feel right to me or acceptable because you deserve to be healthy. Here at Roots to Nutrition I feel that behind many issues is an emotion within the tissues. I am here to guide you to the deeper places within because I see and trust in the ability of the body to heal itself.

Slow Down, Stop, and Listen To Your Body

If you haven’t noticed in our everyday lives we are normally very distracted or externalized with thoughts flying off in many directions at once. How long has it been since you have sat with someone and really felt “heard”. We all want to be heard, I do!

Did you know that your body is an energetic system that gives us information, if we ask it?

Discovering your own body-mind means paying attention to the details and listening to the body’s communication. Your body does know what is going on, and you can learn how to listen to and interpret what it is trying to tell you. Listening to your intuition your feelings and your body is a gentle process of opening into awareness

Where do you begin with this emotional piece?

Begin by understanding that this is a strong pillar to health and most of us were told to not feel our emotions or what you are feeling you can’t trust. To listen to yourself you have to first become internalized, with your focus facing inward rather than looking outside of yourself for the answers. You are the healer and you hold the answers to your health issues. You need patience and kindness with self and to begin this process of listening and understanding your body’s language. If you have repressed, denied, or ignored issues for a long time then the pain body may move to different places. Our bodies are a bag of thoughts and your body is manifesting thoughts or emotions that have been repressed over a period of time, sometimes a really long time. Paying attention means watching, noticing, without comment. It doesn’t mean judging, criticizing, or feeling guilty. You become the observer by seeing yourself as you are, recognizing how your mind and feelings interact with one another and you will probably notice how much you avoid yourself or neglect yourself. Your body hears every thought you have and every word you say. It recognizes your moods, whether you are feeling glad to be alive, optimistic, and hopeful, or depressed, sad and lonely. Let’s be honest it probably knows you better than you know yourself! So communicating with your body is not as crazy as it sounds.

Listening to What You Are Saying

What we are saying may be reinforcing our unconscious beliefs. If you are having a back pain, are you saying “I can’t stand this,” “My back is killing me,” “I don’t get any support, “or “I have such a bad back”? Listen to your own conversations with others, and listen to how you think about yourself. Check out your thoughts and words see if they are limiting or even causing your physical state. You might ask yourself “Why am I thinking or feeling this way?”

Again you hold the answers to unlock the flow of your blocked body. This looking inward specifically your attitude toward your body is important, not only to make positive shift, but also to see the deep rooted issue that has been trapped in the tissues, the inner places of repression, denial, or conditioned patterns of behavior that obviously aren’t serving you well and maybe leading you into this state.

If you knew that so much of how you are now is a result of what you learned from your parents or what you needed to do in order to survive, and those patterns are still affecting you, then would you be interested in learning what you can do to about changing the root of your attitudes and feelings.

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Dialoguing With Your Body

I know this can sound crazy, but if you are truly in pain I know you will try anything. Sinking in to the pain and relaxing or at least lying quietly, go into as deep of a relaxed state as you can. You may want to put your hand on the pain area. Your mind is a wonderful tool and it is suppose to be listening to the body. Focus on the pain or the conflict and explore in and around it. Take your mind to the part of the body involved. Ask a question like, “What is this illness or difficulty trying to tell me?” or, “What does this part of me need?”. This may take a while so don’t try to rush it, relax and BE. Don’t allow the intellect to reply but just be present, allow any feelings, images, or responses to arise spontaneously. Listen with new ears. Try not to get into judgment or rejection even if you do not understand it, but acknowledge whatever comes. You may receive an image or feel a response and continue with another question. Let it become a two-way conversation with your body. When you are finished journal, write down the experience, so you can come back to it throughout the day.

Positive Affirmations

As I mentioned earlier we have fixed thinking patterns and ppsitive affirmations can help shift these patterns. Normally you confirm the negative aspects of self for example, I use to promise to myself that I won’t get upset with my husband or rag on him when he comes through the door, but at the same time I am confirming that I rag on him. For you it may be your lack of love or health, your weakness or stupidity, saying things like “ I can’t do this” or “I never seem to have enough energy , “ or, “I always get it wrong.” , or “I will not get angry”. You are confirming that you are angry. This is creating a thought pattern that maintains the original thought.

So it’s about reprograming our thoughts, remember we are a body of thoughts. We are not only what we eat but what we speak…this too is energy. Conscious affirmations help to reprogram your thinking because they channel the energy in a different direction. Instead of holding onto the “I fell unloved” state of mine you shift it to a new creative statement of “I am surrounded by all the love I need” state of mind and this is truth, the other was your perception. Affirmations are like the rungs of a ladder that enable you to climb upward toward sanity and self-acceptance. It may seem superficial at first but trust the process, it is a process. Your body does hear you, so trust that it will work…it just takes time. I have a sweet book that I use “heal your body” by Louise Hay. A couple of examples are “cough” issues– probable cause is “A desire to bark at the world. “See me! Listen to me!” the new thought pattern – “I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive way. I am loved.” “Colon”-probable cause is “Holding on to the past. Fear of letting go.” the new thought pattern – “I easily release that which I no longer need. The past is over and I am free”

French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan said, “symptoms are words trapped in the body” then we can use words to release the meaning of the symptom.

Journal, journal, journal…this too is a habit. As a BioEnergetic Practitioner I will tap into the body and ask the body for information that will help guide us to reclaiming your health. If I can be of help to you, please reach out to me.

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