What Are Miasms?

Miasms are a shadowy imprint. Samuel Hahnemann discovered this over 200 years ago . The original miasm is “psoric”….the reaction of the body on exposure to environmental stimuli, surroundings, noise, light, odors. Skin issues like acne, rosacea, psoricis, itching, peeling skin, bruises, warts, Athlete’s foot and eczema are prominent in my clinic and if you are drawn to this then you too may be dealing or know someone with skin issues. This is the outer layer, our covering of protection and has to do with relationships. The frequency of this miasm is “shame” the feeling of being tainted, when we take on the pattern of shame there is a natural inclination to try and cover it up.

Your skin is an amazing feat of nature’s technology; keeps us from getting wet yet able to release sweat; washable; temperature controlling; “self-mending”; and sensitive to touch. The skin reflects your every emotion and is indicative of your state of health, diet and lifestyle. It reflects what food you eat, how much sleep you have had, and your alcohol consumption. Through the skin you face the world, and the world knows you.

Have you every blushed? A moment of embarrassment is a feeling that passes through into the nerve transmitters—hence we blush, or go red with anger, go white or sweat with fear, get goose bumps with excitement or horror. I’m sure you have heard the saying “you got to have thick skin” to deal with that person. “Thick skin” people appear less sensitive while others have “thin skin” indicating they are too highly sensitive.

And your skin belongs to you; you can never change or replace your skin, no matter how often you want to “jump out” of it!

Skin issues are also about touch and feel issues. We are tactile creatures, so being starved of touch is the ultimate isolation, hence the importance of hugging and holding. Without this touch babies will mentally and physically deteriorate. Human contact is essential for us all, without it we feel lonely and psychologically deprived and can develop mental illness, it’s like shriveling up inside a shell.

Skin is the primary sex organ. Its sensitivity is to stimulating. Such sensitivity and intimacy can also make you hot with anger, fear, or resentment, if it is abused.

Your skin in the psycho/emotional sense is your boundary, the meeting place between you and the world. Skin issues often show up when someone or something has crossed that boundary and “gets under your skin,” I am sure we have all had this a time or two. Or it can be that the communications right now are making your “skin crawl.”

  • Are you feeling like your boundary has been trespassed upon, or have you surpassed your limits and reached out too far?
  • Or perhaps you are holding back, putting limits on self, maybe even putting up a protective cover inside?
  • Are your boundaries being penetrated against your approval?
  • What and who is getting under your skin?
  • Are you trying to break free of restrictions being imposed on you?
  • Is a fear of intimacy creating the inability for you to touch or feel?

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