Filling The Need/Nutritional Therapy

To find that “need” we will first ask the question “How can I best support you?” After hearing what those needs are we will tap in to the body and ask “How we can best support it, right now?” By that I mean our body is giving us signs of things not operating at optimal levels. Whether we aren’t sleeping well, have bloating and gas after eating, need a mid-afternoon nap, or the flow of the body is blocked somewhere in the flow system. This is our bodies’ giving us information that it needs attention. It might be saying it needs more rest, nutraceuticals that the body agrees to, improved diet that meets your body’s demand, exercise that complements your body where it is right now, hydration, optimal digestion, energy or grounding. I know you aren’t coming to me unless there are a few things off course and we will do the investigation of these issues together. Remember that our bodies are energy and the body needs enough energy to integrate all the inputs from the changes in nutriceuticals, diet, spiritual life, emotional events and environment. We will address all these variables as a team.

You will be provided the opportunity to learn the importance of properly prepared whole foods that are delicious, nourish our bodies, and restore vital health. In short the approach to regaining health will be fully integrated combining energetic approaches, nutrition and supplementation, homeopathic remedies with imprinting where necessary, essential oils, and any other field we are led to for answers.