Reclaiming your health is a process, below is a brief outline of the steps we will take…

  • You will be provided with time to think and explore your mind, body and spirit while focusing on truth and reclaiming your right to health.
  • Viewed as a complete organism with the understanding that your body is not broken.
  • Listened to knowing your symptoms are simply the body’s cry for help and a blockage in the bodies flow system.
  • Provided education on the design of the body and how the body progresses into lingering illness but intelligently knows how to return to a state of well being when the blockages are removed.
  • Gathering information from your body in a variety of ways; Applied Kinesiology or Muscle Testing, MEAD – Meridian Energy Analysis Device, Heart Math – Heart Coherence, SpectraVision BioField Assessment, NAQ – Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. Through applied kinesiology, we will do a Pre-Test to see where the body wants to begin, this will guide us to look at the highest priority of the body before isolating other factors.
  • Provided with other important pieces for reclaiming your health outside the scope of nutritional therapy such as the electromagnetic/energetic body, the geopathic stressors, structural defects, emotional issues Time to Think and spiritual beliefs. All of these will be addressed.
  • Given a bio-individually designed program to fit the requirement of your individual needs.
  • Focused on replenishment to aid the body’s innate intelligence in returning to a state of homeostasis.

There is “Nothing new under the sun”…

Our bodies are magnificently designed and they have an amazing capability for restoring balance to its bio-regulatory systems. We just need to unlock the blockages and give the body what it needs to return to vitality. There is a place for all medicine, TCM, Ayurvedic Medicine, German Medicine and Allopathic Medicine…we will embrace all of the discoveries of ancient times and blend them with new sciences. The great nutritional pioneers like Weston A. Price, DDS, Dr. Francis Pottenger, MD, Royal Lee, DDS and Melvin Page, DDS, provided us with supporting scientific evidence that by consuming a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet along with short-term use of targeted, high quality homeopathic/supplements (used therapeutically), health can be completely restored at the cellular level. Gathering information from confidential health questionnaires and tapping into the body we are able to clearly answer the BIG questions for each client:

  1. Are there nutrient deficiencies present?
  2. What particular nutraceuticals will work to restore and balance the client?
  3. When will the client be able to sustain health?

Utilizing a variety of evaluation methods and techniques including a complete review of client’s health and diet history, a 3-day food diary, as well as tapping into an individual’s innate intelligence and the variety of functional evaluations available (menu of services), these three BIG questions can be clearly and effectively answered.