This is opening up a lot of doors that are revealing things to help us as we move into the Aquarian age of 2020, which means perfect vision. You will be asked to think and act differently than before, this virus is pressing the reset button, we are being forced to make changes which we really couldn’t otherwise make. It is the year of awakening, 20/20 vision, to help you make a decision in the turning point of your life.

With this full moon of March 9th brings with it a message of the importance of connection with Spirit, compassion for all beings, and deeper refinement and discernment of our own truth and values. Indeed, every individual citizen must stand up and be counted, both by their awareness and communication regarding effective methods for containment, and by exercising self-quarantine as appropriate, if we are to beat back this invisible invasion. There appears that there may be a spiritual side to the social awareness that is coming into being through this pandemic so we must all strive to become more conscious.

We have Mars and Pluto creating an intensity that may show up in ‘anger’. If you are experiencing more of this emotion be aware that we have choices to lean in to the pressure or dismiss it. When we can adjust our attitudes and understand that we are in a time of metamorphosis individually which is asking for some structural changes and that can involve giving something up, we are in for sudden revelations in the realms of human connection that show our own and others’ true colors. As things come to light, it is possible that necessity arises to make some very real choices about how we operate in our relational nature – to each other, to our bodies, and to the material realm.

There is an abundance of cosmic energy right now that wants to pour through us and purify our vessel, providing cleansing and healing of that which no longer fits.

This is the time to relax and let go of the resisting knowing that all things have purpose and not one thing is random, we can trust life! We shall see what the Aries New Moon on March 24th might bring here in this country, and in Europe, with a difficult thirty-day cycle to follow. Even if the increased social isolation, and the warmer weather, brings significant respite by late April, we will all need to be aware of the danger of a renewed outbreak coupled with great societal consternation, come November. Because, consistent with what we know about SARS and other coronavirus attacks, there may well be a reprieve during the summer months, it makes sense that late fall of the 2020 year , with the colder weather returning, may well see a return to a high intensity of the pandemic. We might be in for another rather intense winter season, and we would best be prepared by then.

At the same time lets apply practical applications – this is when holistic nutrition and supplementation on the multidimensional level can really shine and equip you with preparing the body to be in a position of wellness should this come back in November. This generation has been the unhealthiest generation ever and with the obesity rate we have in the USA, many allergy issues and high stress levels our immune system needs reinforcements.

Step 1. Let go of the fear. Do not allow anything now to stress you! This is the time to be getting sun and grounding. Get plenty of sleep. Mediation and toning down the ANS (autonomic nervous system) by feet on the ground for the sun rise and harvesting at end of your day, then again at sun set with gratitude. Remember movement is important… exercise even if its walking but you need to move the body, outside is best, in the sun is even better!! Infra-red sauna is helpful to detox a burdened liver and herbs for support as mentioned below. Your energy body is larger than the tissues body so be sure you are protecting from the EMF’s also and increasing your life force. (More suggestions on this just reach out)

We are powerful creators in union with Divine. We will create what we believe. If you think you will get sick, you will get sick. If you think you are feeding yourself well, breathing, in a meditative peace knowing you are a powerful being then you will be able to protect yourself from all ill-ness or any dis-ease in the body. We are powerful Beings! What you believe is created, it’s that simple!

Step 2. Prevention – In general, you need to always wash your hands and sing the ABC song …kids love it! Never stick your fingers or nails in any of your orifices (openings like the eye, nostrils, mouth) at a time like this, take precautions and use a Kleenex if there is a need to itch your eye. Again visit this site to read up on steps to protect yourself With children I use the “thieves spray from Young Living” this is one of the best sprays out there and especially for surfaces.

Step 3. Support – Eating well or drinking more green drinks – lots of cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, cabbage and kale. These veggies have high amounts of indole-3-carbinol (I3C), clinical studies show that this compound has the potential to interfere with the way many viruses reproduce. Ditch processed and junk food, occasional treat is not a problem but avoid deep fried foods, sugary treats, white bread, gluten containing foods, junk foods and artificial colorings. Stay hydrated with good minerals or coconut water. Coconut has monolaurates to support the immune system. Watch the sugar, alcohol and caffeine in your diet and pay attention to food sensitivities. We are in the best of times for intelligent homeopathies and food grade supplementation. Ensure that your body has the tools to fight infection. Not uncommon for the majority of otherwise healthy people to have a genetic inadequacy in one or more of the major functions of the immune system including antibody responses, cell mediated immunity and natural killer (NK) cell activity. Our unique genetic variations are what make each of us different!

A list of suggestions if you want to go on the offense and boost your natural protection: Vitamin C – I do have preferred brands, liposomal or Wholesome C -goes into the blood stream, Spagyrically process herbs like Core Olive Leaf, Core Mycelia Blend, and Spagyric Greens.

I have put together a package if you want to support yourself and your family with supplementation and homeopathic. My suggestion is very similar to the preventative flu trio, but I added the immune mushrooms which have seven spagyric processed herbs in this blend. You can add in the spagyric greens which you add to your water for an extra boost.

  1. Viru-Chord
  2. Core Olive Leaf
  3. Flu Tone
  4. Core Mycelia Blend

All four of these total to $150 if you pick up there will be a 5% discount.

If you would like to purchase the Thieves and do not have an account just let me know I did order a few more bottles. The Young Living Thieves spray is $10. The Spagyric Greens are $43 and this is good if you want to add it to your water and get more greens in the body. If you would appreciate more details reach out and I will send the detail sheets to you.

It is a time to let go of your disempowerment and know that you are royalty and you come from the stars; you have the light of wisdom inside of you. This is a time for inner courage and awakening to who you are! Take advantage of this time to take a sabbatical and retreat within to discover the greater wisdom and connection of heaven on earth. We have denied our ability to care for these regenerating bodies and if we address the fullness of who we are on ALL levels, multidimensional, physical and non-physical, then we want to make changes and choices that will empower us and our families.

CoVid19 is part of the ending of the 1900’s. The number 19 is significant in this name. Think back through the highlights of the 1900’s which was about WWI and WWII, the discovery of plutonium which Pluto was named after. Pluto is about destroying and re-birthing and transformation and empowerment which is being highlighted now in the heavens. It is interesting to think about the Coronavirus starting with a “C” and the country or origin starting with a “C” so interesting when you look at code.

A few more suggestions if you own or have access to an infra-red sauna, foot baths to increase your mineral uptake, Biomats, Migun Tables or Avazzia devices to increase the negative ions, and the vital force. Reach out if you want to learn more about these devices all of these are supportive and work with the body to keep you in a state of health. We have many great applications available today so there isn’t a need to go into fear but there is a need to respond in a supportive manner.

I feel very impressed to bring awareness to what the heavens are telling us and the great social change that is taking place on earth at this time and to help you make connection and become aware of what you are feeling.

As always, we pray for grace and send most benevolent outcomes to everyone that is impacted, especially the hardest hit countries that are growing each day. May we know that we can be of service in the best capacity we can, so we can prevail through this challenging situation fast. Be there for those who are scared, and the ultimate fear is the fear of death. May we rise out of the past paradigms and be filled with courage, light, healing, compassion, love and joy.