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Required for the proper functioning of the enzyme prolyhydroxylase. This enzyme functions in the formation of: Collagen in bone, Cartilage, and Connective tissue.

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So what is Silica and just what is its role in the body?

Silica is a relatively unknown mineral which is absolutely astounding bearing in mind what it does for the body, which is nothing short of miraculous. Also known as Silicon, it is a combination of silicon and oxygen, the two most abundant elements on our planet.  It is within the grass that herbivores eat whilst meat eating animals have much less of it within their bodies.  Silica is found in many vegetables including leafy greens and onions as well as whole grains.

Silica is absolutely essential to bone growth and for the development of the body.  When you are young, your body has abundant levels of silica which is why children normally have beautiful silky hair, soft skin and perfect nails.  We are born with large amounts of silica and low amounts of calcium and as we age, we lose silica and our bodies deposit calcium in our glands which leads to what is termed “calcification” of our tissues and the eventual loss of gland functions.  Calcium requires vitamin D3 for its absorption but it also requires silica for the utilization of calcium into building strong bones and teeth.  A calcium deficiency is invariably associated with a deficiency in silica. Several studies have indicated that people with broken bones heal a lot quicker when silica levels are high irrespective of their calcium levels in the bloodstream.  In fact, without silica your body could break apart!

Silica also promotes proper mineral balance between calcium and magnesium within the body. This mineral balance in turn helps with hormonal balance. This hormonal balance in turn is important because it is precisely hormonal imbalances that lead to osteoporosis.  By achieving hormonal balance and its ability to enhance bone mineralization, silica is invaluable in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis and ideally every good calcium supplement should have some silica within the formulation.

Silica energizes the immune system and it is thought that its action on alkalizing the body may have a lot to do with this property.  The alkalizing property of silica is important because an acidic environment within the body, often as a result of poor dietary choices, results usually in a compromised immune system and illnesses.  Silica is also required for the manufacture of antibodies and antigens both of which are essential components of a healthy immune system.  Consuming this mineral along with healthy dietary choices and an exercise plan will help to restore healthy pH levels within the body.

Silica is used by every single cell and every internal gland within our bodies.  Silica has an impact on strengthening the cardiovascular system as well as the central nervous system which relies of calcium and magnesium for the optimal transmission of nerve impulses.  Silica also may be of value in the elderly for offering protection against Alzheimer’s since it counteracts aluminum’s effects on the body by aiding its removal.


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