The Body Operates Under Certain Principles

The Body Operates Under Certain Principles

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I absolutely believe that the body is designed to heal itself, if we listen to our innate intelligence within and provide our bodies with the essentials it needs to return to a state of wellness.

Every single model of medicine recognizes the design of the body.

The gut tube feeds and nourishes the body for a lifetime, that means we want to be sure any symptoms that portray digestive issues are worked out. This can get complicated if we are looking for that one thing we need to do to change and improve our digestive discomfort. The body has these three interdependent systems with multiple things taking place at one time. Any kind of head trauma for instance can create digestive imbalances. It can be from bouncing a ball off your head, forceps at birth, a blow to the head of any sort can throw off the normal rhythms of the endocrine system.

The body’s innate wisdom also created its own drainage system. This filtration system consist of the kidney, liver, lungs spleen and lymphatics. For example – the lungs detox the blood, we inhale toxins and they go in the blood, if the pathways of elimination aren’t open then the toxin gets pushed deeper affecting the control mechanism of the body, MS, Parkinson, ALS, Chronic Illness has toxins on the neuroendocrine. We have to be sure you are open and draining. Quickest way to drain the neuroendocrine system and the liver is through the large intestine, really have to get people pooping.

Fastest way to restore health is making sure digestion is working, gastric reflux, constipation, diarrhea, belching, burping, flatulence these are symptoms of a compromised gut. If there are gut imbalances this means you won’t be able to build hormones & neurotransmitters. Our ability to relax and fall asleep is linked to a chemical called Serotonin. Serotonin is made where? The biggest percentage (85-90%) is made in the gut. Sleep issues are gut issues. Depression issues are gut issues, suicide, bipolar, all mental disorders are actually gut issues.

We want to be able to let go and flow, open the body’s communication system, digest and rebuild. We want to run the biochemistry in the body to have a healthy neuroendocrine system that connects and coordinates all systems in the body, this runs the ANS (autonomic nervous system) which is what links us to they rhythms and cycles of life. Once the ANS goes out of balance dis-ease soon follows.

My passion is to empower you to consider a paradigm shift from diagnosis and treatment to dis-ease prevention and vital wholehearted living. I have seen the ability of the body returning to a state of renewed health if only we trust in the intelligent design. I am determined to use my tools to light the path that will lead others to a place of sustainable health and vitality for a lifetime.

Remember, it’s the small but meaningful changes that you can easily retain and implement in your life immediately. The best part is that most of these small changes are free!

Let’s begin the journey to optimal health.