Did you know you can eat healthy without giving up all your favorite foods?

Many people are concerned about changing their eating habits to add more nourishing foods because they assume they will lose all their favorites. What I have noticed in my practice is that it really comes down to the “taste” or the need for a “crunch” that they seem to miss. Would you be delighted if you could transform your relationship with food so it is fun, tasty and healthy?

At the same time your body will thank you for finding balance in your life and optimal nourishment!

You can discover foods today that will fit the “taste” you enjoy with an added bonus! Many clients come in worried about having to give up the food they really enjoy in their life…that doesn’t sound blissful to me either. I want to create a life of bliss …right down to your food!

I too have a husband who loves pizza and beer! Oh man this is one of the best foods to create, a pizza and kombucha! I love to have a occasional kombucha with a teensy of gin. There are recipes everywhere for cauliflower crusted pizza and you will need to find one that fits your lifestyle. It’s all about the lifestyle too!

Having five children and a husband who believes grease is one of the three main food groups, not to forget the beer, can create a challenge to get them to make the shifts. I find it is less of a struggle if we transition a favorite food, one at a time of course, by either changing out the ingredients, adding in a more nourishing ingredient or by finding a recipe that will taste even better than your favorite recipe, it really does happen.

For instance in the case of “pizza”, we have found a tasty “cauliflower pizza recipe” that is a hit in our home. We have to make one large size pizza and create a rectangle shape which makes it easy for the kiddos to pick up and eat and a round one for the adults. Best of all is we usually end up with leftovers I am amazed at how good it tastes cold. In the nutritional sense when consuming cauliflower, which is the base of your pizza, you are consuming your Brassica vegetables for the day! Woo-hoo and you got the little ones to eat them, success! If you roll it thin enough it will be a winner that is the hot tip…the crust is best when rolled thin. If you tried the cauliflower for the pizza crust with no success have no fear we have learned there are a few tricks to getting it just right. If you want to learn about this recipe and my tweaking, Sign up here

Don’t give up to soon when transitioning from frankenfoods to nourishing foods. What naturally happens in 2 to 3 months is you activate your taste buds that have been inactive for a long time, due to processed foods or lack of bitter foods. Your taste for certain foods will fade, you will be delightfully surprised that you really don’t want that “favorite food” you thought you couldn’t live without. Not only will your taste buds change but also your desire! You will notice how your health has shifted in the right direction; you will be encouraged to take the next step on your path of renewing health.

This success will empower you to make more changes by moving into the next trouble food for you and your family. We can help ease you into a more nourishing lifestyle that is sustainable for you and your love ones!

If you are in a good place with your health, then I hold a belief that flowing is important in maintaining your health and enjoying life!

So often when we start to look at improving our health we can get really rigid. We now know, with all the new science coming out, what really runs the healing process is “attitude”. When we get all tense our breathing slows down and then our digestive juices slow down. We get big blockages in our flow system. No matter where you are in the process of moving through a health journey, this will fit. When you are eating nourishing foods 80% of the time, then you can have a party day! Realistically, there are times to celebrate, indulge, travel, have fun and relax. You know our bodies can’t regain health, if they’re not relaxing. So these rhythms and cycles are really important. I have an “indulgence package” that I have put together for these days of celebration or holidays(email me at diane@rootstonutrition.com to learn more about the indulgence package). These are homeopathic remedies and some supplementation to support you when flowing from one party to the next or indulging in the entire experience with grace and ease.

Everyone needs to play!

A little piece of quality chocolate can create such JOY!

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