XenoForce 90C


XenoForce – Immune



XenoForce – Immune

Supply the body with all the immune supporting benefits of XenoForce with this soothing, fast-acting, and delicious tea.

When the cold weather approaches, it is important that the immune system be strong enough to come to the body’s defense when needed. XenoForce tea has the powerful combination of Vitamin C, Echinacea, and Zinc, along with the soothing, warming nature of tea. XenoForce tea is a delicious way to support the body’s natural defenses.

You can also simply take the capsules daily.

This recipe will come with your product.

Open 3-4 XenoForce capsules and pour them in a cup

½ to 1 Tsp. Honey (to taste), Lemon Juice (fresh, optional, to taste) Pinch of Cayenne Pepper (optional) 1 Cup Hot Water, Combine all ingredients together in your favorite mug and enjoy.

Complements with Flu Tone

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Weight 4 oz


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