STRESS: Stress is good for you! Does that sound a little strange to you?

It’s well known now that 87% of chronic illness is due to stress. This is great news! Why would I say this is “great news” because it puts the power back into your hands! You have control over every thought, every feeling and every situation, to a degree. It’s all about how you respond. Just like I tell most of my clients. If you decide what you eat is going to be good, healing, healthful food then it will be and if you decide what you are eating isn’t nourishing for you then it won’t be. That doesn’t mean eating unhealthy and pretending it is healthy will work the same way either.

Back to stress and the mind running a muck.

If you perceive a situation correctly and you understand that the stress response in your body is designed to help you, protect you, to increase your character of thought, your cognition and your intelligence, then you will see the situation differently and it will influence your choices. The minute you are in a stress response you can feel how your heart begins palpating and your muscles tense, then we think oh my gosh this is so bad for me, but that’s not actually true. The way you perceive a situation will influence the choices that you make and will influence your bodies response. Your mind influences your body! We really are a body of thoughts.

If you perceive the stress response in your body with a physical reaction as being bad for you then you actually cause the blood vessels around your heart to constrict, instead of dilate. Now if you look at this situation with a curious response like asking yourself “What is it that I am believing in this situation?” then step back, take a deep belly breath and look into the situation with an open heart, the blood vessels around our heart will dilate and have more blood flowing to the brain, more oxygen flowing to the brain and a better ability to see this situation as an opportunity to grow, make a better choice or take some time to allow yourself to respond instead of react. Then the body will respond with nurturing genetic responses that was given to us by design, if we choose well and believe the stress response is working well for us. If we pick another choice or belief and see the stress response working against us, then we will have less blood flow, less oxygen and that’s not creating a healthy environment for ourselves.

So what does this mean? We really have to become SO AWARE of our choices, and our PERCEPTIONS that influence our choices, because that is going to influence more than anything else, how our body functions. WE can take responsibility for our choices and our perception of the stressful event. Look at what thoughts are going through your mind. Are you setting up chaos or are you looking into the situation with curiosity to gain growth, understanding, or maybe the ability to respond instead of react. These stressful situations influence our choices which has a direct response to how our body will be influenced.

Here at Roots To Nutrition we provide you with a non-judgmental environment where you will be given time and space, to think and explore what you need to do in order to reclaim your health. Go to my website and set up a visit under “Time To Think”.

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