The Great American Eclispe and its Importance in Your Life!

The Great American Eclispe 8-21-2017 is traversing the 11 U.S. states from Oregon through South Carolina and with ALL eclipses – a part of your life is ending, and something NEW must emerge.

How awesome that this total solar has a path of totality that makes landfall exclusively within the U.S., making it the first eclipse since 1918, 99 years ago.

What does it mean for you on a personal basis?

I have been doing some reading on this over the past few weeks with an opinion that “Wow…we are so very connected as spiritual beings to this planet and all that is around us, especially the planetary cosmos, everything has an effect on us in some form or another.” Because of this, I wanted to share some points that I came away with in hopes that it, broadens your view and opens your heart.

The Total Solar Eclipse occurs in the sign of LEO–and it is the only solar eclipse of 2017. Thus, we are beginning the journey into an extraordinary Leo New Moon – the second Leo New Moon this year (rare in itself) – a Total Solar Eclipse.

At this time Mercury is in Retrograde which provides us with this space for “quiet time” and “retrospection” during this momentous event. This is the time to be asking yourself deep personal questions like:

“What do I really want?”

“Who am I truly at soul level?”

“What am I now ready to claim – leaving no stone unturned – with total uncompromising commitment?”

Learn to open your heart and be vulnerable.

We are all connected to our planet and what is happening in our cosmos to the point that we will be experiencing the effects of this eclipse in the months and years to come. (This eclipse in Leo is part of a series that will occur from 2017-2019. It is the most powerful of all, but the MEANING on your life will unfold over time.)

So how do we begin to understand the “meaning” on our life…I believe it is when we are truly focused on the questions mentioned above and when we are vulnerable enough to open up to a new understanding of who we really are, not just what we think we are, or we were told we are, but a fresh deeper look into the depths of our soul.

Another interesting piece I learned about this eclipse, is that Leo opens your HEART, so meditate on initiating a fresh start in LOVE.

So often we walk around with hurts in our heart, building walls around receiving and sharing love with others. These walls can be in stone and I know this process very well, be patient with yourself and at the same time be brave to begin the process of chipping away the stones we have piled up to be our fortress. Today is a celebration of YOU.

Feel beautiful and blessed. Feel confident and magnetic.

Set up to ignite your inner light.

Leo is a FIRE sign of passion and forward momentum, so Leo New Moons are full of action.

Yet, this is a total eclipse of the Sun in Leo WHILE Mercury is in retrograde, so you will be slow to act until around mid September, a few days after Mercury stations direct on September 5.

It is perfectly set up for you to ignite the Light within; you want to SHINE the light, switch on your inner creator!

A opportunity to ask yourself a few more questions…

  • What would your life be like if you embraced radical acceptance?
  • Are you expressing your sensuality and magnetism freely?
  • How creative are you?
  • Do you step into every moment with unbridled confidence?
  • Leo is a sign of royalty – do you treat yourself as a divine being?

This is such a perfect time to purge the past…letting bygones be bygones. The time of a New Moon is perfect for ending something in order to reap the dividends that come out of this purging.

“Bruce Lipton talks about this in his book “The Honeymoon Effect”, which can be purchased here.”

Whether it be letting go of resentment, past hurts, any type of broken heart you are releasing energy that the body really doesn’t want to hold any more. This emotion can get stored in your body which can turn into dis-ease in the body, once released you have made available more energy to create, it is potential energy to be something new, a birthing.

What is happening to you at this time is what you have been asking for. Even if you may not be conscious of it, you yearn to be recognized and appreciated for who you truly are, a divine being of limitless joy – a galactic being of love.

Leo can get into ego-consciousness on the shadow side, so this is not about projecting an image–the eclipse will bring to light what you haven’t clearly seen in order that you may bypass your limited ego and go straight to SOURCE, to God – to your divine birth-right of creation.

In order to be blissfully happy, you have need to be fully conscious and aware – and consciousness can only happen when you are here, now in the PRESENT moment. All fears are conquered when you trust yourself.

And Leo is all about being AUTHENTIC, embracing your beauty, living in your heart, TRUST. I think of the song of Saint Francis that says “let it begin with ME”, we begin with trusting self.

Recognize your shadow side.

Every astrology sign, planet and numerology number has a shadow side. Where there is light, there is also darkness.

Notice if you are more tuned into the shadow side of Leo – so, instead of heart-centered living you might notice yourself or others resort to being self-centered, excessively proud (like the lion), putting their head in the sand, and ego-centric.

To enter conscious awareness, ask – what is being activated in my life right now?

What do I need to be aware of, so I can step into the light and joyfully create the life I want?

When you speak, write or express yourself, STATE exactly what you mean. Don’t hide behind the truth.

State the truth with confidence and love.

Trust that…

  • You CAN handle any challenging conversations.
  • You CAN communicate with those who are currently in darkness, and you can do so with the utmost grace and gratitude.
  • You CAN be secure in knowing the only constant is change.

Be in a place of loving attention.

Be in a place of peace, if you want peace in the world.

Be joyful, if you want happiness in your life.

I know, this can be uncomfortable! But it’s much easier if you don’t fight the universe – everything eventually must end and be reborn in order to be alive and thriving! All you need to do is to discern what is of the light, and what is not. Don’t judge it, just see it for what it is fully and create positive flow around it with your LIGHT.

We continue to carry around our luggage just because we resist “change”. Again, “it begins with YOU”. We hang onto the shadow, ego because we think or perceive it to be safe.

BECOME what you want to see in the world.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

LOVE is the only reality!

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