Emotional Center Point Release


What is Emotional Center Point Release?

Emotional Center Point Release is a “reweaving process”, the purpose of this is to clear those emotional imbalances. We use Fractal Light Medicine, combined with the basic principles of German New Medicine (the premier psycho-biological health paradigm of the 21st century) and eCPR to help one shift from being an observer in their life (running on autopilot) to being able to choose their responses to that which is going on around them. As a result, clients can learn the lessons inherent in the trauma and eliminate the negative patterns which have resulted from the trauma. By unifying heart and mind the client is left feeling empowered to live a more authentic life.



There have been many scientific studies showing emotional balance is crucial for physical healing and well-being. Since all dis-ease begins with our inability to resist pressure (stress), it makes sense that it would be a great benefit to surrender to the rhythms and cycles of life; to learn to let pressure be our ally instead of our threat.

My intention is to inspire a powerful paradigm shift in understanding the role of emotions in whole health and wellness. Getting to the root cause-the emotional issue beneath illness is challenging at best. It is difficult sometimes to suggest that the root of someone’s illness has an emotional cause.

This powerfully effective protocol is an excellent introduction to the soil of “Roots to Nutrition” philosophy, which centers upon the significance of clearing emotional imbalance as a paramount step to physical healing and well-being.

ECPR is an amazing program for clearing emotional trauma, and freeing limited beliefs physiologically, to truly change lives.

Our nervous systems are vital to every function yet studies show that shock and trauma become trapped into our tissues locking up the nervous system and keeping the battle raging which increases stress. So much of our diseases and symptoms have emotional causes and we are here to help you release those pressures. Even cancer has several emotional ties (read more here).

Another tool we use is the Adverse Childhood Experience Survey (ACE). Increased ACE scores have shown remarkable increases in adult alcoholism, antidepressant use, chronic depression, becoming a perpetrator of domestic violence, liver disease, smoking, suicide, teen sexual behaviors, impaired worker performance, and even COPD. What is your ACE Score?

While your ACE score can never be changed, but an individual’s response to their adverse childhood experiences can. This is because the survey is a reflection of experiences that have already happened. The reason for knowing an ACE score is not to change it, but one other way to help individuals understand their history as a foundation for healing and recovery.

When we live in an inner envi­ronment of love, grace, peace, and for­giveness we will be healthier and happier. Multidimensional products en­courage higher vibrational influences to aid the body, emotions, mind, spirit, and soul. The animating force of life, inner intelligence, has an affinity for higher purposes and a desire to be in equilibrium or balance. Experience has shown that by addressing the inner-in­telligence of the body, the healing effect is heightened with fewer complications.

Our products work with the body to encourage its natural processes in the order that the body would like them to be addressed.


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