Emotox Follow Up Visits – 20 minute


EmOtox Body Balance –  Follow Up Visit (Series 1-10)



EmOtox Body Balance (EBB) Follow Up Visit (Series 1-10)

During each session, a new set of imbalances will reveal
themselves to be addressed and resolved. You may picture
peeling layers from an artichoke to get to the heart; lessening
toxic burdens to reveal an optimal state of health is very much
the same. Each EmOtox session lessens and/or resolves
another layer of obstacles to wellness, revealing a more
energetic, happy and healthy you – and freeing life-force energy
to resolve deeper imbalances and symptoms. EBB has
organized a specialized sequence for addressing most common
stressors; the full 10-visit protocol is recommended.

$49.95 – per follow up visit


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